Art is a process of doing or making that has an aesthetic quality inherent in the experience as appreciating, perceiving, and enjoying. Change in a society’s artistic forms is likely to be an indication of new and alternative ways of seeing or being, or of laying the foundations for innovative ideas.

An artwork can also rouse aesthetic encounters in the viewer. Like the philosopher, the artist can lead us to question and reshape our views of reality rather than repeat and imitate them. Whereas philosophers use words to express ideas, think imaginatively, and challenge our experiences and understanding of the world, artists use images and symbolic language.

Exposure to artworks can variously affect our experience of the world around us. Not only can looking at art make an immediate difference to the way we feel, e.g., it can lift our mood or act as stimuli for introspection, but it can have a profound impact on our lives, e.g., the integration of contemporary art into public spaces can affect our everyday experiences and transport us out of our ordinary concerns, or invite us to reflect on our beliefs, values and cultural practices.

The ubiquitous presence of art and its power to affect people's perceptions also has other benefits, such as the potential to create opportunities for drawing creative people and business to the region leading to further artistic expression and innovation.

We believe it is enormously important to attract visitors and business to Ipswich as key elements to the city’s success in the future. It is therefore essential to build partnerships with local business and people who are creative or involved in artistic expression to develop innovative initiatives that will enhance the city’s appeal. But any proposed strategy will need to positively complement and facilitate the Council’s current economic plan to promote growth and development of the region. Our initiative commits itself to this, and therefore has enormous potential to benefit the Ipswich community socially, culturally and economically.
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